Is your content King?

Three tips to rule.

When it comes to successful branding and marketing, content is king. Content can come in many forms— posts on social media sites, blogs, email newsletters, YouTube videos, etc. Quality content keeps your audience engaged, interested, and informed.

The problem: Many people have trouble producing high quality, relevant content on a consistent basis. It can feel time-consuming, laborious, and overwhelming when so many other priorities demand your attention, but if you want your branding efforts to be successful, you must commit to creating content.

Here are three quick tips to help guide your content:

1. Keep it concise. No one is asking you to write the next great American novel, especially on sites like Twitter that limit your remarks to 140 characters. Get your point across, and then give your audience the chance to respond if they want to know more.

2. Keep it conversational. You possess a certain amount of knowledge about the goods and services your business provides. Your target audience may or may not possess that same knowledge, so be sure to speak or write in terms that are easy to understand while still being informative.

3. Keep it authentic. Talk about the things that you actually know and the things that you actually do. Don’t say things that could misrepresent your knowledge or experience. Your audience will know if you’re being misleading, and they’ll take their business elsewhere and you will lose credibility.

Content is the cornerstone of your marketing campaign, so you can’t afford to ignore it. See it, instead, as an opportunity to start a conversation about the things you’re passionate about, and you’ll be amazed at how engaged your target audience will be.