New Year’s Resolution: Become A Better Leader!


By Rand O’Leary

In all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, its easy to forget that in just a few weeks most of us will be looking at the New Year and a list of resolutions or promises that we have made to ourselves that we hope to accomplish.  Some of our old favorites are bound to make the list, lose some weight, exercise, give more to charity, get back in touch with family or old friends. 

But what about including in this year’s list the commitment to be a better leader next year?

Research tells us that when we write our goals down, we are far more likely to achieve them, so begin the year by taking a good hard look at what is means to be a leader, remember, you may have the title but being the leader of people requires these fundamental building blocks, can you complete these?

1.       Vision: All successful leaders have a clear vision and a steadfast belief in where they are going, and they hold fast to this vision through good times and bad.  This is especially true in sports, where rarely does a one game loss make a season.  In business it could be a major expansion of the company, increased market share and improved financial performance. Whatever it is, be clear and do not waiver once the journey begins. Read Full Article.