Resilience - Question and Answer

Re-posted with permission from HealthTechS3. Original article here.


As a sequel to our last blog on Resilience: The 5 Keys to Becoming a Resilient Leader written by our CEO, Derek Morkel of HealthTechS3, we provide a 2-part Q&A series of informative insights from two of our exceptional interim executive leaders, on the true grit, perseverance and resilience they’ve had to demonstrate through their professional working careers as leaders.

Rodney Reider has a rich history of 25 years’ healthcare industry experience, having worked across various boards and with physicians, employees, and the community to strengthen core services to customers. As a strategic, enthusiastic, and accomplished leader he has mastered the ability to identify and draw upon team members’ strengths in order to optimize performance and face any challenges to reach a common goal.

Herb Dyer has a solid history as CEO of large healthcare organizations. He has extensive experience of having built trust with stakeholders, possessing a proven ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities to drive strong and sustained contributions to revenues, efficiency, and bottom-line results of leading healthcare organizations. Herb is a thought leader in the true sense, having written many inspiring blogs, some of which are interwoven with childhood lessons. Read Full Article.