Does your new hire have the right stuff? How their personality has a long-term impact on your organization’s bottom line.

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by Rand O’Leary

In healthcare, how often have you heard this, he/she is a great clinician, but has no personality.  Or, take me to hospital A, but if I’m really sick take me to hospital B, this assumes hospital A is the “Nice” hospital but Hospital B is where all the best clinicians work.  So, the obvious question is, can’t you have both?  Yes, if you select the right people. 

In Jim Collins book, “From Good to Great”, he writes, “People are your most important asset,” or rather the right people are. In today’s healthcare market many organizations are making the move from Volume to Value, with Quality being a primary focus, but how do our patients define quality? Sure, having the best possible outcome is right up there, with no medical mistakes or errors please.  However, most patients come to our organizations assuming great quality, and value the interaction with their caregivers as high if not higher than any other part of the patient/caregiver interaction. Read the Full Article.