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In Praise of Corporate Tension

These words can immobilize the most courageous of hearts.  Many at the clinical sites believe corporate exists to disrupt and provide self-enhancement for the corporate individual making the demand.  The incoming request often appears as a consistent disruptor to the local individual who is focused on the hospital, clinic or community issues.  As a non-corporate individual, you are at the site addressing immediate and multiple priorities.  The demands can range from concerns for improving patient care, addressing colleague concerns or responding to the corporate enhanced financial issues to name just a few of the more common daily agenda items.  In fact, you may even be reacting to a situation affecting the greater importance (?) of your immediate supervisory interacting environment (i.e. keeping your local boss happy).  Whatever the corporate demand at the time, it can seem to distract from the work necessary to be successful at the site.  Furthermore, from the limited view in field, the request can sometimes make no sense as to its timing or priority except “Home Office needs it now.” 

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