Reputation building/repair scenarios we can address: 

Negative Search Engine Results

You’ve Googled yourself and found an article (or more!) on Page 1 of search results mentioning you in a less-than-flattering light. You need it to disappear fast, before recruiters and potential employers see it and eliminate your application from the stack before it even leaves the gate.

Guilty by association

Your organization (or former organization) is dragging you down. They are under investigation or embroiled in a highly public situation and by means of association, your good name is being dragged through the mud online.

Mistaken Identity

A person with a similar name did something awful that found its way into the media and thus online newspapers. Or perhaps this person set up a website promoting a rather embarrassing line of work. While this person is not you, a potential employer may get him/her confused with you which could be detrimental in your chances of being hired.

No Online Presence

While it’s important to not have anything negative or damaging affecting your online reputation, it can also be a problem if you Google yourself and NOTHING shows up. During career transition, distinguishing yourself as an industry influencer can differentiate yourself from other job applicants.

Custom Packages

Each of our packages are completely customized to fit your situation. We understand that you have a unique story to tell and challenges to address. Our approach offers not only strategic-level brand management but also step-by-step implementation and coaching.